The idea of combining practicality, meaning and beauty has always been manifested through my creativity. I've always loved seeing an idea emerge from the artist's mind and flow from the invisible world to the tangible world. You can touch the ideas, apply them to yourself, and get a new experience. This continuous process is like a source from which new meanings and directions of human development are born. Thanks to the contact of people, these new shoots of inspiration support us in everyday life, which sometimes seems devoid of warmth and vector. Contact occurs not only on the external level, but also is an internal process. To stand on our feet, move and develop, we need a sense of support and strength. The knowledge of one's own nature and qualities comes from familiarity with one's own integrity and diversity of manifestations. Knowledge comes from contact with oneself. Thanks to this meeting, our actions become more gentle and precise, filled with human warmth, because we do not experience ourselves as separate from others.
Contact is a combination of knowledge about yourself and the world and a natural desire to share. When the world is safe for us, all interactions become an interesting task and game, rather than a heavy burden. In this game, each of us shows his unique qualities, talents and views on the world, enriching it.
The format of accessible art that is woven into everyday life is a reminder that we ourselves make sense of the things that surround us. You can take valuable things with you, and not just look at them on a special occasion. It fills and warms every time it is near. The prototype of the first collection was my experiments with fabric. Its plasticity helps to change the angle of view and find beauty in small changes in the surface. This allows you to see the thing in a new way every time
I am a contemporary artist born in Moscow in 1986. Since 1997 I have been inspired by graffiti culture and it has a strong influence on me till nowadays. Graphics and oil, classical graffiti forms and abstract painting – my works can be found on city streets, urban-art festivals and big events such as Venice biennale 2018.
For the last 5 years I've been concentrating on studio work searching for the way to combine graffiti forms with joy from abstract painting and influence of Buddhist philosophy.
My main topics are exploring of development of humans inner qualities and process of uniting meditation, astrology and other science with everyday experience and situations.

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